Open Water Course

£ 370.00



Scuba Diving is brilliant. More like flying than swimming, the freedom, movement, interaction with nature, beauty and fun are staggering.

To experience this beauty we need to learn safety procedures. On the Open Water Course you will have great fun, learn great skill, experience the sensation of gliding through the water and learn a lot. You will be taught by instructors who are focused on you. They love diving and want you to have a great experience.

The Open Water Course has three main components – learning skills in the pool, theory and then onto open water. The first step is a Introduction Dive so that you can make an informed decision re scuba diving. Both the skills that you learn and the cost of the try dive count towards the open water course. Courses are performance based and the prices given assume that you can master the requirements in a reasonable time. If additional work is required that will incur cost we will inform you asap.

The price includes the full Open Water Course & printed materials.

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